I told him that I am appealing in silk, fur, and leather, and he told me I am not so unusual in that regard.

I crossed my arms and said I wanted a drink. He asked what kind and I said he's probably never heard of it. What do you want, he asked. I want a Diki-Diki, I told him. He returned with two glasses of light beer.

He told me he wants to get a blond dog and name it Lager. I told him Diki-Diki is a better name. It's more original, I said.

Why is it okay to pet people's dogs, I asked, but it's not okay to pet their children?

Often I was wrong. Often I am wrong.

We cut through the park. It was the hour when mothers stroll their young to sleep. It was easy: I patted the head of her blond-haired baby! I received no scolding. I told him to give it a try.


Rachel Levy's fiction has appeared in Fence, Pank, and the Collagist, among other journals. Her first chapbook, Necessary Objects, is recently out from Tree Light Books.

Art: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen,
Eyes as Big as Plates #Bob, 2013, digital print.
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