GIGANTIC EVERYTHING is (almost) here!


GIGANTIC EVERYTHING is currently at the presses! You can get it while--although please don't drop it like--it's hot over here. If you are in or around NYC, you can pick up a free copy with admission to our December 15th launch party.

Printed locally in Long Island City, the issue will feature a beautiful and unique hand-constructed, accordion-fold, newsprint format.

$10 (including shipping and handling)

To purchase, click here.


Jacob M. Appel
Sean Bernard
Tony Duvert
Jordan Eash
Kathleen Heil
Henry Hoke
Etgar Keret
Michael Kimball
Michael Lee
Norman Lock
Iris Moulton
Kimberly King Parsons
Andrew Roe
Helen Klein Ross
Damion Searls
Marguerite W. Sullivan
Robert Walser

Hilary Pecis
Patrick Phipps
Eric Shaw

Emily Hughes
Kitty Liang
Carly Michelsen
Ishelle Payer
Alan Williamson
Joe Wenderoth

Marie-Helene Bertino
Anne Carson and Robert Currie
Lydia Davis
Jason Diamond
Stephen Elliott
Rachel B. Glaser
Julie Hecht
Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Tao Lin
Robert Lopez
Deb Olin Unferth
Adam Wilson
James Wood

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