HALLOWEEN by Bob Carlton


Today is Halloween, and all the people are removing their masks. The exposed ugliness is not easy to look upon, nor is it easy to ignore. Nor is it necessarily pure evil (though in rare cases it can be). In fact, for all the infinite variety in detail, the vast majority of the populace (seventy-five to ninety percent would be a responsible estimate) are comprised of two races, not, as has been stressed in the past by the educational system of these United States, black and white, but rather the ignorant and the stupid. Some people, such as myself, are of mixed ancestry. I like to think that I may have inherited the most desirable qualities of both. However, in reality, I know nothing about the science of genetics, and I have my suspicions that even if I did, I would not be able to understand it. 


Bob Carlton lives and works in Garland, Texas.

Art: The Best Way to Stop Being Lonely (Anne) (2013) by Christine Shan Shan Hou. Hou is a poet, artist, and critic living in Brooklyn, New York.

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