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Our forthcoming issue complicating and, in some cases, demolishing understandings of comedy and jokes features new or newly translated fiction by Franz Kafka, Jincy Willett, Amelia Gray, Daniil Kharms, Osama Alomar, and Mike Topp; a special fold-out "New Giganticer" poster featuring cartoons by Roz Chast, Carolita Johnson, Drew Dernavich, Michael Crawford, and Corey Pandolph; interviews with comic-book artist Gabrielle Bell and writer J. Robert Lennon; the latest installment of Joe Wenderoth's Seizure State; the winner of our first-ever Penny-a-Word contest; illustrations by Andrew Bulger; and much, much more—all in a unique, uniquely Gigantic "grab-bag" format designed by Erin Grey West.

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FICTION Osama Alomar (tr. the author and C. J. Collins), Rebecca Bates, Daniel Brauer, Lisa Chen, Amelia Gray, David Greenspan, James Hannaham, A. D. Jameson, Debora Kuan, Hilary Leichter, Eugene Lim, Franz Kafka (tr. Peter Wortsman), Daniil Kharms (tr. Matvei Yankelevich), Eugène Savitzkaya (tr. Edward Gauvin), Kathryn Scanlan, Joseph Scapellato, Sean Shearer, Erin Somers, Sparrow, Mike Topp, Jincy Willett, Cody Walker, Peter Wortsman

CARTOONS Roz Chast, Michael Crawford, Drew Dernavich, Carolita Johnson, Corey Pandolph

ART Michelle Devereux, Lane Hagood, Irena Jurek, Molly Lowe, Sarah Schneider, Jocelyn Spaar

DIALOGUES Gabrielle Bell, interviewed by James Yeh; J Robert Lennon, interviewed by Adalena Kavanagh

SEIZURE STATE Chris Erickson, C. J. Morello, Joe Wenderoth
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