THREE STORIES by Shane Jones
from print issue 1
Sea Monster

Sea monster crawled out of the water and onto the earth. He practiced somersaulting for long distances on orange tentacle legs. Eventually, he tumbled into the mountain. He put his tentacle arms around the mountain and tried to crush it. He watched mountain goat ballet for a few days and cried a lot. He smashed his head into the side of the mountain until a hole appeared. Inside the hole was black wet rock. He pretended it was a tiny ocean. Sea monster folded himself inside the hole and, very politely, he asked the mountain goats to cover it. Goodbye, he said to the mountain goats. Hello, said the mountain to sea monster.

Pants McDonovan

Pants McDonovan always tried on every pair of pants in my store. He was looking for the perfect pair, but his waist was too big and his legs too short. Also, we lived in a village of giants.


A dead bird was on the floor and the carpenters didn't know what to do. The bankers and the quilters were as lost as the carpenters. So the villagers had to rely on the artist, which was the last thing the people in the village wanted to do. The artist picked up the dead bird and twisted it like a tray of ice-cubes. Blocks of wood began falling from the bird. Each block had a carving on one side for each person in the room:
         - Carpenter
         - Banker
         - Quilter
         - Artist
Happy birthday, said the artist. Everyone forgot about the dead bird. The fiddlers danced in front of the fireplace. A cake appeared.


Shane Jones is the author of the novel LIGHT BOXES. He lives in upstate New York and blogs at

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