Gigantic is a magazine of short prose, interviews, and art.

Please note: Submissions are currently closed while we catch up on our reading. We will reopen submissions again in the fall. Thank you for your interest and patience.

—The Editors, May 2015

All submissions should be directed through our online submissions manager, except Seizure State submissions, which should be sent by snail mail to: Professor Joe Wenderoth, English Department, UC-Davis, Davis, CA  95616.

Prose submissions should be under 1,000 words. Submissions over 1,000 words will either be rejected or, in certain cases, pared down.

If you are submitting a series of pieces where each segment is under 1,000 words, that could work. Convince us. If you have multiple very short submissions (100 to 300 words) you may submit up to four at a time, but please submit them as individual pieces.

Gigantic publishes mostly fiction, but is open to nonfiction. If you have an idea for restaurant reviews written in haiku, profiles of celebrities in baseball card format or interviews with interesting people about things unrelated to their field of work, feel free to submit or query.

Poetry submissions for future online issues are currently closed, though if you have already submitted, your submissions will still be considered.

For art, ideal specs are RGB 1998 profile, 300 dpi max page size, tiff files preferred. (If you don't know what that means, neither do we. Just send us your stuff and we will try to view it the best way we can--i.e., stereoscope, opera glasses, etc.)

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, although we do our best to respond within three months.

Gigantic acquires first publication rights. The pieces are yours to reprint in books or anthologies. If possible, when reprinted we humbly ask if you would mention Gigantic as being the first to publish it.

Payment will be multiple contributor's copies.

Gigantic is listed in Duotrope. Click on the link below to track your submissions and list your responses:

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Questions should be directed to giganticmag[at]

Thank you.
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